Thursday, January 30, 2020

Of Mice and Me Essay Example for Free

Of Mice and Me Essay Of mice and men is a Film about life in a ranch, well done, with a low budget but with a lot of creativity. The directors are Gary Since and Horton Foot, Since plays an important part in the film as George. The other main actors are John Malcovich as Lenny and Sherlin Flynn as Curleys wife. Very good actors and know how to interpret each characters. Curleys wife has a very low profile in comparison with the book. Well the film starts when they escape from weed because they think Lenny raped a girl. They go to a ranch to work. There is a guy named Curly who hates big guys like Lenny, he has a wife who likes to flirt with men at the ranch. Curly has a fight with Lenny and Lenny breaks Curleys hand. They say he caught it in a machine. Gorge and Lenny tell Candy about their dream and they decide to do it together. Lenny is playing with a pup and he realizes its dead, suddenly Curleys wife gets in they start talking and she says to him to touch her hare. He dose it so hard she starts to scream and Lenny gets nervous and he ends up killing her. He runs away. Candy tells the guys and they go and look for Lenny. Gorge arrives first and while he is telling him their dream he kills him. The part of Lenny its grate. The actor was perfectly chosen in the physical part and its interpretation as Lenny its just like I imagined in the book. The part of George was good but not perfect. In the book talks a lot and has a very tight relationship with slim and he treats Lenny very badly in the film he is more quiet and more gentile with Lenny. I personally did not like Curleys wife. In the book they describe her like a tart. She likes to where fancy dresses and feathers. In the film she is more reserved and less flirty. The music and lights play a major part in the film. For example the sins in the bunk house are always dark, with very little light in the middle of the bunk house. A very good example of music its when George is running to the pool at the ending they put nervous music because George its nervous, that makes a big effect in the audience. The novel is a protest novel with deep content but in the feel this is not so clear. The film could represent these themes in a better way if Curleys wife was more of a tart or if crooks part was the same as in the book, longer and expressing more resentment feelings. I would recommend this film only for people who read the book because it helps to understand many aspects but for people who did not red it could be very slow and boring. This film its good only as a complement of the book. Its good to rescue the actuation of John Malcovich who did a brilliant part and the good music and light effects.

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